A Honeycomb Is A Mass Of Hexagonal Prismatic Wax Cells Built By Honey Bees In Their Nests To Contain Their Larvae And Stores Of Honey And Pollen. Beekeepers May Remove The Entire Honeycomb To, Harvest Honey. Honey Bees Consume About 8.4 Lb . (3.8 Kg) Of Honey To Secrete 1 Lb (454 G) Of Wax, So It Makes Economic Sense To Return The Wax To The Hive After Harvesting The Honey. The Structure Of The Comb May Be Left Basically Intact When Honey Is Extracted From It By Uncapping And Spinning In A Centrifugal Machine-the Honey Extractor. If The Honeycomb Is Too Worn Out, The Wax Can Be Reused In A Number Of Ways, Including Making Sheets Of Comb Foundation With Hexagonal Pattern. Such Foundation Sheets Allow The Bees To Build The Comb With Less Effort, And The Hexagonal Pattern Of Worker-sized Cell Bases Discourages The Bees From Building The Larger Drone Cells.

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A honeycomb is a mass of hexagonal prismatic wax cells built by honey bees in their nests to contain their larvae and stores of honey and pollen. Beekeepers may remove the entire honeycomb to, harvest honey. Honey bees consume about 8.4 lb . (3.8 kg) of honey to secrete 1 lb (454 g) of wax, so it makes economic sense to return the wax to the hive after harvesting the honey. The structure of the comb may be left basically intact when honey is extracted from it by uncapping and spinning in a centrifugal machine-the honey extractor. If the honeycomb is too worn out, the wax can be reused in a number of ways, including making sheets of comb foundation with hexagonal pattern. Such foundation sheets allow the bees to build the comb with less effort, and the hexagonal pattern of worker-sized cell bases discourages the bees from building the larger drone cells.

Fresh, new comb is sometimes sold and used intact as comb honey, especially if the honey is being spread on bread rather than used in cooking or as a sweetener. Brood comb becomes dark over time, because of the cocoons embedded in the cells and the tracking of many feet. It’s called travel stain by beekeepers when seen on frames of comb honey. Honeycomb in the “supers” that are not used for brood (e.g. by the placement of a queen excluder) stay lightcolored. Numerous wasps, especially Polistinae and Vespinae, construct hexagonal prism-packed combs made of paper instead of wax; in some species (such as Brachygastra mellifica), honey is stored in the nest, thus technically forming a paper honeycomb. However, the term “honeycomb” is not often used for such structures.

The axes of honeycomb cells are always quasihorizontal, and the nonangled rows of honeycomb cells are always horizontally (not vertically) aligned. Thus, each cell has two vertically oriented walls, with the upper and lower parts of the cells composed of two angled walls. The open end of a cell is typically referred to as the top of the cell, while the opposite end is called the bottom. The cells slope slightly upwards, between 9 and 14°, towards the open ends. The shape of the cells is such that two opposing honeycomb layers nest into each other, with each facet of the closed ends being shared by opposing cells.

Based on the passage, the word worn out in paragraph 1 means ….
A. weary
B. old
C. strained
D. shabby
E. drawn


D. shabby.

Dear Melati,

“If the honeycomb is too worn out, the wax can be reused in a number of ways, including making sheets of comb foundation with hexagonal pattern.”

Makna kalimat tersebut adalah “Jika sarang lebah terlalu usang, parafin dapat digunakan kembali dengan beberapa cara, termasuk membuat lembaran alas sisir dengan pola heksagonal.”

Berdasarkan makna kalimat tersebut, kita dapat menyimpulkan bahwa kita harus memilih kata pada pilihan jawaban yang memiliki makna “usang”. Kata pada pilihan jawaban yang memiliki makna yang sama dengan “worn out” adalah “shabby”. FYI, dalam bahasa Inggris, kata “shabby” bermakna “It is in bad condition because it has been used a lot” (dalam keadaan yang usang karena sudah sering dipakai).

Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah D. shabby (usang).


Semoga jawaban diatas dapat membantu kawan belajar ya. apabila ada pertanyaan silakan berkomentar dibawah ini.


Salam sukses selalu


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