A Nightmare Trip, I Remember Was Three Years Ago When I Was Going To The Airport With My Friend. We Were Going To Hawaii On Vacation And We Had To Be At Los Angeles Airport Two Hours Before The Flight. We Left Home With Plenty Of Time, But When We Got To The Freeway, There Was A Huge Traffic Jam! The Traffic Wasn’t Moving At All. We Didn’t Know What To Do. It Was Too Late To Go Another Way, So We Just Sat In The Car Getting More And More Stressed.

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A nightmare trip, I remember was three years ago when I was going to the airport with my friend. We were going to hawaii on vacation and we had to be at los angeles airport two hours before the flight. We left home with plenty of time, but when we got to the freeway, there was a huge traffic jam! The traffic wasn’t moving at all. we didn’t know what to do. it was too late to go another way, so we just sat in the car getting more and more stressed.

After ten minutes, the traffic started moving slowly. We decided to leave the freeway and try to find another way to the airport. Unfortunately, I wasn’t sure of the way and we got completely lost. We was sure that we were going to miss the flight. Finally, we arrived at the airport just thirty minutes before the plane was going to leave. The woman at the check in counter said that we couldn’t check in our luggage because it was too late, so we had to run with all our suitcases to the departure gate. Although my friend felt down and hurt her leg, we managed to get to the gate in time and finally we caught our flight.

“Although my friend felt down and hurt her leg, we managed to get to the gate in time …” What is the synonym of ” managed “?


Jawaban yang benar adalah “succeed in”.


Soal meminta sinonim dari kata “manage”.

Berdasarkan kalimat ““Although my friend felt down and hurt her leg, we managed to get to the gate in time”. Kata manage dalam kalimat berarti berhasil.
Maka, sinonim dari kata manage adalah succeed in.

Jadi, the synonym of manage is “succeed in”.

Semoga jawaban dan penjelasan diatas dapat membantu kawan belajar ya. apabila ada pertanyaan silakan berkomentar dibawah ini.


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