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Nowadays, many people have realized that agriculture is much more important than as the supporting tools in economic development. In Indonesia, agriculture should be the priority of development because of some good reasons.

First of all, the agriculture’s contribution in the beginning of the development is highest among the other sectors. At present, almost half of total Indonesian labors are working in agriculture sector, but the contribution of agriculture sector does not reach 30 percent.

Second, agriculture sector is expected to fulfill the need of food in a country. As the number of population increase in an alarming rate each year, food supply must also increase. But in developing countries, food production and agricultural production per capita never increase more than one percent each year, and in some extreme case, it even stagnant.

Last but not least, without agricultural development, the growth of industrial sector will be hampered because the growth that comes from industry will bring a wider gap into the internal economy in that country. In turn, this gap will create serious poverty problem, wider inequality of income distribution, and increase unemployment.

Based on the above discussion, it is obvious that the government should put agriculture as the priority of national development.

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1. What do Indonesian people do mostly?


Jawaban untuk soal di atas adalah “Indonesian people mostly work in agriculture sector.”

Soal ini menanyakan apa pekerjaan sebagian besar orang Indonesia.

Pada paragraf kedua disebutkan “At present, almost half of total Indonesian labors are working in agriculture sector” yang artinya “Saat ini, hampir separuh dari total tenaga kerja Indonesia bekerja di sektor pertanian.”

Berdasarkan kalimat tersebut, dapat disimpulkan bahwa sebagian besar pekerjaan orang Indonesia adalah di sektor pertanian.

Dengan demikian kalimatnya menjadi “Indonesian people mostly work in agriculture sector” yang artinya “Penduduk Indonesia sebagian besar bekerja di sektor pertanian.”

Jadi, jawaban yang tepat adalah “Indonesian people mostly work in agriculture sector.”


Semoga jawaban diatas dapat membantu kawan belajar ya. apabila ada pertanyaan silakan berkomentar dibawah ini.


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