At The Point When Purchasing A House, You Must Make Sure To Have It Checked For Termites. A Termite Ismuch Like An Burrowing Little Creature In Its Mutual Propensities, Albeit Physically The Two Creepy Crawliesare Unmistakable. Like Those Ants, Termite States Comprise Of Diverse Classes, Each With Its Own Specificoccupation. The Most Impeccably Shaped Termites, Both Male And Female, Make Up The Gainful Class.they Have Eyes, Hard Body Dividers And Completely Created Wings. A Couple Of Conceptive Termitesestablish The Province. At The Point When New Conceptive Termites Create, They Leave To Shape Anotherprovince.

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At the point when purchasing a house, you must make sure to have it checked for termites. A termite ismuch like an burrowing little creature in its mutual propensities, albeit physically the two creepy crawliesare unmistakable. Like those ants, termite states comprise of diverse classes, each with its own specificoccupation. The most impeccably shaped termites, both male and female, make up the gainful class.They have eyes, hard body dividers and completely created wings. A couple of conceptive termitesestablish the province. At the point when new conceptive termites create, they leave to shape anotherprovince.

They utilize their wings just this on time and after that sever them. The specialist termites arelittle, dazzle and wingless, with delicate bodies. They make up the dominant part of the province and doall the work. Troopers are eyeless and wingless however are bigger than the specialists what’s more,have hard heads and solid jaws and legs. They shield the state and are tended to by the specialists.

The male and female of the conceptive class stay inside a shut in cell when the female lays a great manyeggs. The laborers put the eggs in cell and look after them. Regardless of the possibility that oneprovince is dealt with with toxic substance, if a male and female of the regenerative class escape, theycan shape another province. Bug control organizations can examine a house for infestation of termites.Regularly, of layman cannot spot the confirmation, so it is discriminating to have the supposition of aprofessional. Medicines change contingent on the sort of termite.

Which of the accompanying would be the best title for this section?

A. Termites Destroy Houses
B. Termites Work Well Together
C. The Habits and Physical Characteristics of Termites
D. The relationship of Soldier and Worker Termites


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Soal ini meminta kita untuk menentukan kira-kira judul apa yang tepat untuk teks pada soal.

Untuk menjawab soal semacam ini, kamu perlu membaca teks secara keseluruhan dan mencari ide pokok teks supaya kamu tahu judul dari sebuah teks.

Yuk, kita baca dari satu paragraf ke paragraf lainnya.

Paragraf pertama membahas tentang definisi termite/rayap, seperti fitur tubuh serta perkawinan rayap.

Paragraf kedua membahas tentang jenis rayap prajurit / troopers.

Paragraf ketiga menjelaskan cara hidup rayap, seperti organisasi yang terjadi antar kelompok rayap.

Nah, dari ketiga paragraf tersebut, kita bisa menyimpulkan bahwa teks tersebut menjelaskan tentang defini rayap serta karakteristiknya.

Sehingga jawaban yang paling tepat adalah pilihan jawaban C. The Habits and Physical Characteristics of Termites (Kebiasaan dan karakter fisik rayap).

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