Complete The Speech Using The Words Given In The Box.

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Complete the speech using the words given in the box.

• accompanied
• configurations
• fascinating
• education
• friendships
• almamater
• diplomas
• reality
• witnessed
• cheerleader
• wearing
• graduation
• daydreamed
• lectures
• eternal

I’ve attended this school for thirteen years now, and I’ve 1.____ you, my classmates, in quite a variety of clothing–football jerseys, 2.____ outfits, and during spirit week–football players 3. ____ cheerleader outfits. But now, we’ve all come together for the last time as a class, sporting gowns and mortarboards for 4. ____.

Remember how many times we’ve 5. ____ about this moment in the middle of class? We sometimes drift off during 6. ____ fantasizing about how we would spend our days if life were an 7. ____ summer weekend… and that’s usually when the teacher brings us back to 8. ____ with an authoritative–’ahem’–clearing of the throat 9. ____ by a smug inquiry about the electron 10. ____ of the noble gasses. Thanks, Mr Gunawan.

Well, everyone, this daydream is just now becoming a new and 11. ____ reality. For in addition to our quality 12 from the classroom, we’ve received an education in life from each other. Solid, irreplaceable 13. ____ with our peers and, yes, even with our teachers and coaches have been forged through hard work, devotion, good times and bad, and most importantly, pride for a school that we should all be grateful to call our 14. ____. We may be receiving 15. ____ tonight, fellow classmates, but look around you at your teachers, coaches and friends, and realize what you’ve truly 16. ____ for four years at Fairmont.

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Number 10


Jawaban yang sesuai adalah ‘configurations’.

Soal ini meminta kita melengkapi bagian rumpang nomor 10 dalam teks dengan pilihan kata yang disediakan.

Kalimatnya adalah ‘… by a smug inquiry about the electron _____ of the noble gasses. Thanks, Mr Gunawan’ (… oleh pertanyaan kaku tentang _____ elektron dari gas mulia. Terima kasih Pak Gunawan).

Pilihan jawabannya adalah:
• accompanied = ditemani
• configurations = konfigurasi
• fascinating = memukau
• education = pendidikan
• friendships = persahabatan
• almamater = almamater
• diplomas = ijazah
• reality = kenyataan
• witnessed = menyaksikan
• cheerleader = pemandu sorak
• wearing = memakai
• graduation = kelulusan
• daydreamed = melamun
• lectures = kuliah
• eternal = abadi

Kata yang sesuai untuk mengisi bagian rumpang nomor 10 adalah ‘configurations’ (konfigurasi).

Kalimat lengkapnya menjadi ‘… by a smug inquiry about the electron configurations of the noble gasses. Thanks, Mr Gunawan’.

Terjemahan dari kalimatnya adalah ‘… oleh pertanyaan kaku tentang konfigurasi elektron dari gas mulia. Terima kasih Pak Gunawan’.

Jadi, jawaban yang tepat adalah ‘configurations’.


Semoga jawaban diatas dapat membantu kawan belajar ya. apabila ada pertanyaan silakan berkomentar dibawah ini.


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