Parents Should Be Wary Of Expensive Schooling

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Parents Should Be Wary of Expensive Schooling

With the frenzy of the new academic year now subduing, parents are now thinking about how to boost their children’s academic performance. Parents seem to be aware that as the competition to get into the top universities becomes more and more fierce, they must do everything in their power to ensure their children get the best education possible beginning as early as possible. Otherwise, their children will end up in mediocre schools or universities.

A lot of parents are content seeing their children spend the entire day inside a classroom, both at school and in private tutoring sessions.

While excessive studying might help a child’s grades, it may also be bad for them. Yanti Dewi, an educational counselor who graduated from the University of Indonesia, has identified a number of dangers that parents should be aware of regarding excessive schooling.

First, excessive schooling can cause stress to a child, particularly because most schools and private tutors use traditional teaching methods.

Second, too much schooling means a lot less time for playing and interacting with other people, both considered critical for children.

Finally, too much time spent on education means less time for the parent-child relation ship. It is popularly understood that much of the inappropriate behaviour by the young can usually be traced back to a lack of proper family relation ships.

Considering that there is the potential danger of excessive schooling, what can parents do?

As the need for extra lessons can be at tributed to the sub-standard quality of teaching at schools, parents can help schools improve the quality of the teaching-learning process. Parents can take their initiatives to school committees, which are gaining in power and popularity at schools.

A school committee, for instance, can propose and seek support from parents and the city council for new teaching materials such as books and lab equipment.

They can also provide additional funds to support teacher development programs. At some schools, committees can even ask teachers not to moonlight, which is considered a prime cause of fatigue and a lack of preparation on the part of teachers. As compensation, parents must be willing to provide funds for extra benefits for the teachers.

In addition, parents must now learn to take a more active role in home education. Home education is defined as structured learning activities conducted at home, and usually facilitated by parents. This type of education is still considered the best answer to children’s need for extra learning, as well as improving the parent-child relationship. According to my own observations, many parents who send their children to private lessons are in fact capable of conducting home education.

Of course, to be able to provide quality learning for their children, parents need to upgrade their knowledge, by sharing with other parents, reading educational books or seeking professional help at the initial stage. Although it means extra work for parents, home education is indeed rewarding

Find the words in the text of which meanings are written.
Intense; strong (paragraph 1)


Jawaban yang benar adalah ‘fierce’.

Soal ini meminta kita menemukan kata dalam teks yang maknanya telah tertulis dalam soal.

Maknanya adalah ‘intense (intens); strong (kuat)’ dengan kata yang ada di paragraf pertama.

Terjemahan dari paragraf pertama adalah:
Dengan hiruk pikuk tahun ajaran baru yang kini mereda, para orang tua kini memikirkan cara untuk meningkatkan prestasi akademik anak-anak mereka. Orang tua tampaknya menyadari bahwa dengan semakin ketatnya persaingan untuk masuk ke universitas terkemuka, mereka harus melakukan segala daya untuk memastikan anak-anak mereka mendapatkan pendidikan terbaik sejak awal. Jika tidak, anak-anak mereka akan berakhir di sekolah atau universitas yang biasa-biasa saja.

Kata yang memiliki makna yang paling mendekati ‘intens’ atau ‘kuat’ adalah ‘ketat’ dalam kalimat ‘Orang tua tampaknya menyadari bahwa dengan semakin *ketat*nya persaingan untuk masuk ke universitas terkemuka’.

‘Ketat’ dalam bahasa Inggris dalam kalimat tersebut adalah ‘fierce’.

Jadi, jawaban yang tepat adalah ‘fierce’.


Semoga jawaban diatas dapat membantu kawan belajar ya. apabila ada pertanyaan silakan berkomentar dibawah ini.


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