The Following Text Is For Questions 14 To 17.

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Mari kita bahas soal berikut ini



The following text is for questions 14 to 17.

If your car gets stuck during a storm, follow these instructions:

1. Stay in the vehicle! If you leave your vehicle, you will become disoriented quickly in wind-driven snow and cold.
2. Run the motor about 10 minutes each hour for heat. While running the motor, open the window a little for fresh air to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.
3. Clear snow from the exhaust pipe to avoid gas poisoning.
4. Be visible to rescuers by turning on the dome light at night when running the engine.
5. Tie a bright colored cloth, preferably red, to your antenna or door.
6. After snow stops falling, raise the hood to indicate you need help.

source: http://www.wws.noah golog/winteraccessedon6february2018

15. Why should you turn on the motor of your car?

A. To inform rescuers that your car is in stuck.
B. To indicate your position to rescuers.
C. To clear the snow from the wheel.
D. To signal that you need help.
E. To produce heat.


Jawaban untuk soal di atas adalah E. To produce heat.

Soal ini menanyakan mengapa harus menyalakan motor mobil.

Pada langkah kedua disebutkan “Run the motor about 10 minutes each hour for heat” yang artinya “Jalankan motor sekitar 10 menit setiap jam untuk panas.”

Berdasarkan kalimat tersebut, dapat disimpulkan bahwa dari menyalakan motor mobil adalah untuk menghasilkan panas.

Jadi, jawaban yang tepat adalah E. To produce heat.


Semoga jawaban diatas dapat membantu kawan belajar ya. apabila ada pertanyaan silakan berkomentar dibawah ini.


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