The Spotted Hyena, Or Crocuta Crocuta, Found Throughout Sub-saharan Africa, Is, Contrary To Popular Belief, One Of Natures Fiercest Some Early Tribes Mistook The Hyena’s Distinctive Call, Which Some Have Equated To Hysterical Human Laughter; For The Cries Of Lost Souls, While Many Others Associated The Animal With The Lords Of The Underworld. In Modern Movies, The Hyena Has Most Often Been Caricatured As A Buffoon Like Creature Or A Villain, Preying On The Weak. These Beliefs Have Led To The Common Fallacy That The Hyena Is Primarily A Scavenger The Reality, However, Is That Hyenas Are Predators First And Scavengers Only Through Need.

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The spotted hyena, or Crocuta crocuta, found throughout sub-Saharan Africa, is, contrary to popular belief, one of natures fiercest Some early tribes mistook the hyena’s distinctive call, which some have equated to hysterical human laughter; for the cries of lost souls, while many others associated the animal with the lords of the underworld. In modern movies, the hyena has most often been caricatured as a buffoon like creature or a villain, preying on the weak. These beliefs have led to the common fallacy that the hyena is primarily a scavenger The reality, however, is that hyenas are predators first and scavengers only through need.

Hyena physiology may look comical, but it is designed for pure power. It has been postulated that the laws of a fully-grown hyena are potentially capable of exerting a bite force of 1,000 pounds which would give it one of the most powerful grips in the animal world. he hyena’s heart is equally powerful, enabling an adult to run at a steady rate of six miles per hour, with bursts of up to thirty miles per hour. In the wild, hyenas tend to hunt in packs led by a matriarch and have been known to bring down animals as large as the Cape buffalo. It seems that, in the case of the hyena, appearances can certainly be deceiving.

4. The passage best supports the claim that the author of the passage bel ieves the hyena to be … .

A. a commonly misunderstood deadly predator
B. prone to scavenging for meals whenever possible
C. associated with the lords of the underworld
D. with an inappropriate cry
E. built more for speed than for endurance


Jawaban untuk soal ini adalah:
A. a commonly misunderstood deadly predator (Sebuah kesalah pahaman yang lumrah mengenai predator yang mematikan)

Dalam soal ini kamu diminta untuk memilih jawaban berdasarkan teks.

Kalimat pertanyaan “The passage best supports the claim that the author of the passage believes the hyena to be … ” yang memiliki arti, “Bagian terbaik yang membantu klaim bahwa penulis meyakini hyena itu menjadi … ”

Dengan kata lain, kita harus memilih pernyataan informasi rinci yang sesuai dengan teks.

Pernyataan yang sesuai dengan pemikiran penulis dalam teks adalah “a commonly misunderstood deadly predator” yang memiliki arti ” Sebuah kesalah pahaman yang lumrah mengenai predator yang mematikan “.

Informasi tersebut terdapat dalam kalimat akhir di paragraf kedua dalam kalimat ” It seems that, in the case of the hyena, appearances can certainly be deceiving ” memiliki arti “Hal itu terlihat bahwa, dalam kasus hyena, perawakannya dapat menipu”.

Oleh karena itu, jawaban untuk soal ini adalah A.

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